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Laptop Repair
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Windows installation
Antivirus installation and virus removal
DC Jack repair
Hinge repair/replacement
Optical drive replacement
BGA replacement
Keyboard repair
Adapters repair
Laptop screen repair or replacement
Laptop battery repair

So if your laptop or desktop requires any of the above services, give us a call on our number, register your request on our website or visit our Malik Computer Shop. We provide all the services for laptop repair in Bhalwal We give our best so that your experience with us is a pleasurable one.
Any problem related to software, hardware, screen replacement, motherboard, software installations, CPU and RAM upgrades in your laptop or desktop will be solved by the best laptop repairing service center in Bhalwal.
Doorstep Laptop Repair Services in Bhalwal
These are some of the reasons because of which your motherboard may be damaged. We understand that your laptop means a lot to you, so here we are to help you out in any problems related to the motherboard of your laptop.
No matter what is the reason for the failure of your laptop’s motherboard, we will provide you doorstep services to solve it for you. For any inquiries, contact us on the helpline number or via our website. View all motherboard problems

Hard Disk Drive Repair & Replacement

Hard drive is a very important built-in component of your computer or laptop. This component comes in various storage capacities that can also be extended if you want. Because of this capacity, there is a bulk of data that can be stored in the hard drive. Any problem in the hard drive may result in loss of the important data that you stored in the hard drive. So it is better to get it repaired as soon as you realize that the hard drive is failing. View Hard Drive problems & Solutions
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