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CCTV Learning DVR/NVR and  Camra
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Harware Troubleshooting
Software Troubleshooting
usb backup form DVR
Fault Findings
CCTV Camra
Type of CCTV Camera

Installation of CCTV Camera
Wiring and its connection
Power Supply of Camera
OutPut ot TV. LEDTV and Monitor

Dvr (Digital Video Recordeers)

Type of DVR/NVR

Dvr Operation and Settings
USB Backup
Frames Configuration of DVR
Audio Connection in DVR
Internet Setting of DVR
Front and Back Pannel of DVR
Wiring Connections of DVR
HDD Fixing in DVR
HDD Formatting
Cable & Connectors

Type of Cable
Quality of Cable
Connectors BNC/RCA
Power Connectors

Basic Networking

Remote Viewing of Cameras (Local & Online)
Setting internet explorer, Google Chrome)
Gateway, Subnet Masking
Ports & port Forwading
Network Cabling
Mobile Monitoring
Ip Address
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Hardware troubleshooting
General IT Supplier
PC & Server maintenance
Wireless Connection Setup
Printer Modification & Service
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